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Anime California

Sep 13, 13 at 2:47pm Anime California is a great convention in California. It comes highly recommended by MaiOtaku, as we know the major staff, and they are working on a pretty stellar list of guests and events. Feel free to post if you're from Cali! It was in Orange County the first year in August, 2014. Every year has been bigger and better than before.

ロイ commented on Anime California
Sep 24, 13 at 3:23am

Oh really that's pretty tight will maiotaku be involve with the con or have a panel?

Oct 01, 13 at 9:57pm

Awesome, would like to see

Oct 03, 13 at 5:48pm

That's awesome

Oct 16, 13 at 11:28pm

:o I wanna attend

Nov 04, 13 at 1:00pm

awesome! looking forward to it x))


oooh this sounds great! : D wow. I really can't wait now! :]

Nov 27, 13 at 3:21pm

The date is kinda troublesome for me, but I could try it

Fusore commented on Anime California
Dec 22, 13 at 10:12pm

Hi i am from california and do not know what orange county is anyone care to explain i am from Madera

ffftitans commented on Anime California
Dec 23, 13 at 12:42am

...Orange county is one of many counties, like Madera county.
It's kinda in between Riverside and San Diego county.
It's also got a ton of asians. Yeah.

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