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♥Mew Mew Berry♥

32 year old Female
Last online over 2 years ago
Irvine, CA
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i got discord and im from cali im ok for just friends if u are =D
Aug 02, 21 at 3:57am
No I don't have discord
Oh awesome, Do you have a discord at all? :) we can chat more and i can introduce you id you'd like to talk more!
Aug 01, 21 at 11:35pm
Replying to your message I can chat with your friend
Yep of course. Huge disnerd and I go to Disneyland here all the time. Few of my friends are cast members and one of them works in parades and goes to Japan 4 times of the year and knows one of the Disney sea managers:) a few of my friends have been and all say it's a must do. Plus I already collect some Duffy friends merch so it's a must for me...spending 2 days there already planned:p
Not yet. Going for my first time in October for 3.5 weeks!