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I gave it up. Turns out I wasn't getting paid after all, and they were asking *me* to pay for some stuff and I didn't have the money for it. However, I have applied at a local restaurant and hopefully I'll be able to get a job waitressing, if nothing else. I'm loath to do it, but if I have to... *sigh* Coffee is better for your teeth in the sense that it doesn't have as much sugar in it (unless you put sugar into it). It does stain the teeth over time, however, so you do have to whiten them every so often. Soda is just glorified corn syrup, so yeah... LOL. I also usually get water at restaurants; it's free and far more preferable than either (unless it's in the morning or during a con weekend). How have you been?
blackmage @blackmage left a comment for blazingbow1
Jan 24, 14 at 8:47pm
Arigatou gozaimasu! m(_ _)m
Hahaha! XD I have no idea if I look sexy or not like that; I'm not overweight or anything and I do work out occasionally so it can't be that bad, haha. Caffeine doesn't make you sick as long as you don't OD and set a regular time and dosage for it. Caffeinated soda is a last resort for me, but it works well for other people. It's a mixed blessing. You have the caffeine, but you also have the motherlode of sugar, which is worse for your teeth than coffee, causes weight gain, and one could easily get hooked on it (There was an incident in which an entire WV town's teenage and child population were addicted to Mountain Dew). Sodas I reserve as a treat for after exams or a fallback for when the coffee gets too expensive. And THANK YOU! I'M SO EXCITED OMG ASDFGGHJJKL XD
Jan 12, 14 at 12:28pm
I think I saw a simple pickup video on a short guy getting girls numbers
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