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Nintendo switch

There's one game on the Switch I tend to play the most, and that's "Not Tonight". I don't think many people know of this game (even though it's got a sequel). It's basically "Papers, Please", but you're playing as a bouncer/doorman.
Mar 29, 23 at 11:02am
FINALLY got my hands on an N64 controller this morning after waiting months! Booyah! https://media.tenor.com/T46ga3GO30QAAAAC/obama-kick.gif
Jun 05, 23 at 1:21am
Last switch game I played was that terrible broken pokemon thing. Didn't get too far into it though.
i noticed I ended up mostly playing 2d games on my switch. A lot of them are metroidvanias or simply just retro styled games. I liked Alwa's Awakening, Celeste, Cathedral, The Messenger, Bloodstained series, Astalon: Tears of the Earth, and Vengeful Guardian: Moonrider. Not sure if these are to anyone's liking but I hope maybe these could be some fun games to try.
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