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1. What did you want to be when you grew up? Initially a paleontologist, since I liked kaiju films I wanted to find dinosaurs or other similarly structured creatures. 2. Do you know what your IQ is?(Intelligence Quotient) I do and I do not feel comfortable giving out that number. Personally I think it is very nonsensical as this number is the result of a test built on certain preconceived notions and biases. Not to mention you can study for it and retake it as many times as you want. It is pointless to me and proves nothing. 3. Do you know what your EQ is?(Emotional Quotient) I do not, but my stance wouldn't be any different from how I feel about IQ tests. 4. What is your cultural heritage? I rather not say publicly for fear of unwanted attention/judgement from others. 5. Do you feel it's easy to connect with others? No, it is difficult to fully connect with others. I want to have real valid connection with people. Such things take time so it cannot be easy at all. 6. Are you more tolerant of heat or cold? Definitely the heat. I do not retain my body heat very well so I freeze in cold weather and can never feel warm enough. 7. Do you like to clean? I like being clean and having somewhat of a clean environment. I do not want to be surrounded by literal filth and garbage. 8. If you could travel through time, what time would you travel to? I am not sure. No matter what I would pick there will never be a good answer to this. If I did travel though, I would go to a time period where I feel I would match life there and have a nice simplicity that I feel I am lacking today. Probably would go somewhere in the 20th century realistically. 9. Do you like the way you look? I do not care about appearances all to much. Sure there are certain things that might be appealing to my eyes, but at the end of the day. Our appearances fade with time. So why fuss over it? I do what is more comfortable for me. I keep my hair the way it is out of comfort not appearance sake for example. As long as I am healthy and comfortable it doesn't matter how I look. 10. What's the funniest insult someone has ever given you? I have been called many things over the years. Derogatory things even. But to pick an insult I was told by someone that I found humorous? I cannot recall any I'm afraid. Sorry.
1. Are you a morning person or a night person?(Someone who stays up late or wakes up early) I would like to be a morning person. When I was younger I would wake up fairly early every morning to make it on a bus. Now that I am older, my current occupation keeps my sleep schedule constantly changing. So I change from early bird to night owl regularly. 2. Do you have any pets? I currently do not have any pets in my life, I did when I was younger though. I had a chinchilla. 3. What is your Zodiac? (Chinese, but you can use the other one if you want) My Chinese Zodiac is the Rooster. 4. What's your favorite holiday? I generally do not like holidays actually. They have a lot of bad memories for me. Perhaps if I were to have a decent experience with one, I might be so inclined to actually pick a favorite holiday. 5. What is your favorite kind of cake? I am not much of a pastries eater, so I do not have a favorite kind of cake. Though if I were to cheat, I did like Carvel ice cream cakes as a child. 6. Who is the favorite person(s) in your family?(found family/friends count) I do not really have many pleasant memories with family, and the one's I did are now deceased. Even still I do not think I could pick favorite family members regardless. 7. Do you often feel misunderstood? Yes, very much so. I have been told my way of thinking can be very different or that I am just too strange to interact with. 8. Are you good at living in the moment? I am someone that likes to plan things in advance but sadly my life currently has forced me to adapt to live in the moment when needed. I just do what is necessary, that is how I see it. 9. Are you more emotional or logical? I am more logical oriented but I can be empathetic to others and I can be emotionally charged. However I never let it get in the way of my thinking. My emotional side tends to come out when consuming media, causing me to have bizarre reactions to what I am watching/reading when alone. 10. What was your favorite show/book as a child? I am not sure in all honesty. I suppose I was more focused on cartoons and child oriented Japanese shows that were live action. I did watch a fair amount of Kaiju films too. It was my introduction to seek things in their intended original language instead of settling for localizations. 11. Have you ever gone hunting/fishing? I have gone fishing. I used to fish a lot when younger, but one day I realized I didn't enjoy hurting the fish. To hook them in the mouth to only throw them back. I did not enjoy that, after that moment I stopped fishing all together. 12. Would you prefer swimming in ocean, river, or lake? I have always liked the water. It's calming to me. Rain as well. I don't mind swimming in any of these but in all honesty I would probably choose wherever isn't crowded. 13. Do you like tea or coffee more? I prefer tea, specifically decaffeinated tea. I do not do well with caffeine. Never tried coffee for that reason. 14. Do you have a favorite historical figure? I was a history major in my university days. I specialized in studying antiquity of western civilization. So if I were to choose a figure it would be Alexander the Great or Socrates. Though I wish I could have also studied antiquity of Eastern Civilization more. 15. What timezone do you live in? I am currently in EST/EDT. 16. Do you have any mental illnesses? If you don't want to answer that, what do you do when you feel sad/depressed? Yes, I do. I have one/some I was diagnosed with as a young child. I shall leave it at that. If I am not in the best of moods, I tend to do things that I enjoy more to help me feel catharsis. 17. What color is your hair? It is a fairly dark brown. 18. What color are your eyes? They are an unappealing greyish colour. 19. Do you have an anime husbando/waifu/etc? I do not actually. I will always like certain characters I encounter in Japanese media, but I don't have feelings for them. My feelings are reserved for individuals I become close with and desire closeness for. 20. Do you have a favorite genre of music? I would say anything synthetic sounding. It helps me calm down. I have always enjoyed various sounds that are in that vein. Even the sounds of fans or hums of certain electronics.