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Nintendo switch

Mar 06, 22 at 7:31pm
What games do you guys have on the switch? That's enjoyable?
Mar 06, 22 at 7:56pm
Monster hunter rise is a good one(Got the monster hunter rise edition switch, last year.), but I've recently been playing Pokemon legends Arceus. Liking the new mechanics and REALLY crossing my fingers on some of those going into the newer ones (Violet and scarlet.)coming out at the end of the year.
Mar 06, 22 at 8:10pm
I been looking into monster hunter rise. It looks really good. Something I'm looking forward to getting. Pokemon unite, Mario kart 8, dauntless, Spyro, smash bros and over watch.
Mar 06, 22 at 8:39pm
I really like 51 Clubhouse Games. It's a nice collection of classic tabletop games to play with friends. Boomerang Fu is also a fun multiplayer game (local only, sadly). Good Job!, Metroid Dread, Golf Story, Mario + Rabbids, Big Brain Academy, and Splatoon are all really good games on there as well. As far as multiplatform games, I really enjoy River City Girls, Donut County, Stardew Valley, Lethal League Blaze, Mad Rat Dead, NEO: The World Ends With You, Anodyne, Katamari Damacy, VA-11 Hall-A, and A Hat In Time.
Mar 06, 22 at 8:42pm
I will try them out thanks jaybee!
Sonic Mania Killer Queen Black Castlevania Collection (but it is still konami so be careful) Panzer Dragoon Project Diva Megamix (played demo) Voez (Played Demo) Also @jaydeebee definitely need to get splatoon and 51 Clubhouse games (had the demo of it)
Mar 06, 22 at 9:38pm
Those sound like cool games as well I'll check them out
All I have is monster hunter rise, the zelda games, and castle crashers. My switch needs more love.
Mar 06, 22 at 10:55pm
Fire Emblem 3 Houses, Metroid Dread, Xenoblade 1 +2, Catherine
Mar 07, 22 at 6:02am
Astral chain octopath traveler bravely default 1 and 2 it is then Live A Live but it will be released in a few months
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