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Best games to play drunk

Nov 14, 21 at 12:31pm
On the surface level, Vrchat is just people shitposting and memeing with goofy avatars .. on a deeper level it operates like the prison system (cliques, gangs, coomers, etc).. So depends how far down the rabbit hole you go.
Ah, so it's high school all over again
Nov 14, 21 at 12:48pm
Lol. I guess but less dramatic, at least in my experience.
get cooked or rain on your parade or pongs o silly wacky games like fat princess etc are fun to play drunk.
Nov 17, 21 at 7:27pm
I want to get on VR chat but I never understood the process of getting a waifu avatar that is necessary to join
That game where you get drunk enough to build up the courage to ask the girl out at the bar, then she rejects you, and since you're drunk you act like you weren't interested anyways and tell her she looks fat in those jeans.
Smash bros while drunk could be fun now that I think about it
Conker's bad fur day a good game to play while fucked up :p I think this game is the reason why I cuss soooo much ...:p Still will play this game over again with friends such a funny game played multiplayer for weeks on weeks with friends growing up... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_QQt8j8o8BM&ab_channel=WatchmeplayNintendo
Dec 01, 21 at 4:13am
Dark Souls 3 , you take a shot when you die and pass the controller to the next dude ( I did this , it didn't end well)
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