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Retro Game Talk & Appreciation


I can’t believe I am saying this but the hyperkin genesis controllers are actually pretty good. But if you want the more authentic experience you can get the retrobit genesis controller since it uses the official sega molds. They are really good too. As far as wireless goes… the 8bitdo controller is fantastic but you will need a wireless receiver from 8bitdo as well to make it work on the SG


Another good controller company back in the day was Naki. They always made a very solid product. Their SNES controllers were better than the original.


Got my hands on these two


Got my Mega SG
Now my Super NT aint lonely


It is long, but this is really a sinister situation.


@dyadka_yar coincidentally, I just started watching this and was about to share it until i saw your post of it lol. This would explain a lot about my skeptisism of that copy of Legend of Zelda tgat sold for an absurd amount.


I thought it was nothing more than a case of money laundering. What it really was ended up being market manipulation. Media is not helping the issue. Now the bad news is that this is going to ruin game stores and game values for people. The good news is that classic game collecting might very well become an affordable hobby again.

Aug 25, 21 at 11:45am

I believe what happened with games could be applied to all antique collecting.

How many people watch the Antiques Road Show and fall victim to misleading information about "rare" pieces?

In the end, collecting is hard to decide. Everyone's standards are wildly different.

You see toys where the value goes down for not having the original package, but old wooden and tin ones are still valuable regardless of rust or dust.



Well even the toy market, sign market, antique curio market and even gun market has been hit by market manipulation by auction organizations and investment firms. So how much of it is natural collector value or manipulated value is unknown.



need dat Genesis list bro :3

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