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@verucassault i kinda figured the game wasnt gonna be that great, glad i didnt preorder it. I didnt expect the reason to be an ultra buggy game but i knew in some way it wasnt gonna live up to the hype. This is more the consumer's fault than the studio. They delayed the release for a reason and then people complained and cancelled preorders and all that pressuring them to drop the game early. So its not 100% the studio's fault


GIve in Panda... just build a gaming rig. Leave behind the sad days of consoles. They're just computers anyway, but you're locked into what the console companies want you to be locked into. With PC gaming you have freedom. CONVERT! CONVERT!!

But keep your PS4 controllers ... those things come in handy with Steam and such. XP

Dec 16, 20 at 7:53am


Dec 16, 20 at 7:54am

pc gaming = life.... cept if youre pc is shit... *looks at my old gaming laptop*

Dec 16, 20 at 7:56am

especially if you own an xbox anyways. at least theres a reason to buy a ps4/5 because there is/will be exclusive games for that. but any game thats on xbox can easily be played on pc. :/


Well and any company that gives a game exclusively to a console company but ignores PC gamers is just shooting themselves in the foot.
The only winning in console wars is to flip the bird to both Sony and Microsoft and get a PC. Just throw your money at that. I didn't include Nintendo in that because Nintendo lost the console war over a decade ago. The Wii never stood a chance against the Playstation or Xbox.


Well any company selling games exclusively to a console will automatically recoupe their money anyway, the company will pay them for exclusivity. Games such as blood borne and ghost of tsushima are both console exclusive but did fantastically. Even the piece of shit that is last of us 2 sold millions of units. Pc gaming i just dont wanna get into i mainly play multiplayer games and would be at a disadvantage playing on PC with zero aim assist on controller vs people with a mouse.



Actually the Wii sold far more units than 360 and PS3. Both by around 20 million units. It was the WiiU that did so horrible that it had nearly 1/10th the sales of the PS4.


I believe it was more popular in foreign markets compared to the US. It also had a bigger family appeal, hence why it was important to Sony to roll out the activity wands. But for gaming and graphics, it couldn't compare. Otherwise we would be seeing Wii3 by now and the Nintendo store wouldn't be full of $5 games that should be mobile apps. Nintendo dropped the ball in the console wars.

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