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Dec 16, 20 at 2:46pm

MOFO's hyped up Cyberpunk like the second coming of Jesus Christ

Dec 16, 20 at 4:29pm

They did. The only game that can match Jesus second coming is Elden Ring. I'd beat my dick that that shit hard. No pun intended. Cyber Punk got alot of bomb ass ideas and concepts that's fucking mad interesting. I don't care about anything else. I only trust Miyazaki with gameplay.

Dec 16, 20 at 4:36pm

I said beat instead of bet XD. Fuck it let it rid broski. I fucked that all up. I mean it might be that hard. I might have to do that XD. Miyazaki that good.

Dec 17, 20 at 3:44am

Dec 17, 20 at 10:25am

XD Holy fuck. It looks like sewer water on other systems.

The bugs I hate the most on this game is...

1. Having to restart the game when a door locks you in or blocks your entry.

2. Teleportation and evaporation of enemies, citizens, and vehicles that were in sight and out of sight but were in close proximity.

That's immersion breaking. Probably a shortcut they took due to there inability to manage the world space they created efficiently.

Close proximity decommissioning of textures and models is not something that should be seen in a game that's been in development for 7 years.

This game barely has any lods. If they did. They'd probably look like paper ass cheeks.

3. If you hit a citizens they dissapear.

4. The strong static cops teleport behind you like anime. But, if you don't turn around technically they don't exist. The icon is on the map. But, until you look at them. There not real. But, if you turn around it's nothing personal kid. Seriously.

5. When at a intersection in the desert the cars seem to stop forever. If your present. It's like there saying don't look at us. We don't know what to do. Our programing is fucked. We don't want you to see. We just wanna dissapear man. Don't be like this.

6. That stupid boxing fight with retarded collision everywhere.

All the rest of the glitches are fun to me.

Like omae wa mou shindeiru. Crash into a car in a awkward way and wait for the damage to take effect.

Plus, I like the speed boost from being accelerated by collision.

Dec 17, 20 at 10:25am

not exactly news, but damn... 3rd multi... XD me sooo happy!! :3

Dec 17, 20 at 10:37am

Oh yeah not to mention my character switchs between dreads and a tattooed bald head. I picked dreads sir. But, the game swears I want a bald head.

Dec 17, 20 at 10:39am

Still, I like the ideas though. I don't know what tf people expected out of them. I think they did pretty good on that front.

Dec 17, 20 at 10:41am

It's not like society is not gonna be bleak in the future. Giving the scheme of things now. No one's gonna want to give up there personality for a more unified world. Cause someone's always out for control.

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