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PS5 pre-orders

At least you got it back @amrod i never got mine :(
Aug 28, 20 at 2:06pm
a wise choice. pc masterrace.
I like the switch too though even though I barely use it
Is pc really the wise choice? I mean the next gen console isnt that far behind pc anymore. We arent running in 6 year old hardware anymore
Aug 28, 20 at 2:07pm
@hell_hound7 Luckily! Sorry about yours :( :( :( @jc21095 No point in getting an XBOX if you have a PC. Any xbox title is on PC
Ghost of real nibbas. I finished it not too long ago too. I fucking loved chopping mudafuckers heads off like a real samurai. Gotta get respek out in Deez weaboos streets ha!
@hell_hound7 My biggest selling point to people was the amount of titles, I text the list to someone, let me see if I can find it
@hell_hound7 I'd say so. Playing games is just one small function of the PC. Because it can do my email, download content that may or may not be illegal, do my taxes, editing videos and other functions that consoles and phones either suck at or cannot do.
Its easy to produce a game and drop it on steam vs developing for a powerhouse like sony
I couldn’t find it anyway, it was something like Steam: 60,000 PS4: 9,000 Xbox: 2,000
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