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whats a good/decent gaming laptop?

[DERP] Charles @redhawk commented on whats a good/decent gaming laptop?
[DERP] Charles @redhawk
Aug 09, 20 at 7:48pm

Lol XD

[DERP] Snake @solid_snake95 commented on whats a good/decent gaming laptop?
[DERP] Snake @solid_snake95
Aug 09, 20 at 8:04pm

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Despair V99999999999999999 @ithurts commented on whats a good/decent gaming laptop?
Despair V99999999999999999 @ithurts
Aug 10, 20 at 9:20am
This account has been suspended.

I believe there is no such thing. Get swol and carry your desktop everywhere. XP


just get geforce now and stream your games onto a normal laptop. You need good wifi or ethernet though and its 5 bucks a month.


but nothing beats desktop for Windows gaming. If i wanna game mobile i have a switch for that


can't access and edit the memory like that tho.


Literally any new gaming laptop is "good" or "decent" xD I had a Dell G5 SE with a GTX 1650 and an i5 (forgot what gen) and it was capable to play most games at medium settings. That laptop was like $800, and it could run Overwatch on medium to high settings just fine (but capped at 60fps due to the monitor) and there was frequent screen tearing while playing. It chugged to run Forza Horizon 4 on medium settings, and at times it was even unplayable due to slowdown and frame stuttering. To even run it at 30fps I had to drop numerous graphics settings to below medium. I sold it because I wasn't satisfied with the 60hz monitor and wanted an upgrade in power with ray-tracing.

The question should be "What is a suitable gaming laptop to play X game on?"

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