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Pokemon fans!


Spooky Gardevoir Halloween Countdown ( 7 days left )


As much as I enjoyed all the games as a kid, my best memories of Pokemon are probably just the grind sessions and tournament experiences I have with my team in Pokemon Unite (One Thousand Dreams/1KD)! I never imagined that I'd go this far in UNITE when I started playing it, deciding to download it and try it was definitely one of the best decisions I've ever made!

Pic is of the standings for last weeks r/PokemonUnite tourney, they had us as "Enormity eSports" because that was our original name before we rebranded lmao (we ended up winning this weeks one as well, but they haven't dropped the official standings yet so you'll have to settle)


Yeah but ranked and tournament play for VGC is still gonna take place on Sword and Shield, even if there is pvp on legends. Also, I like the traditional battle mechanics more for pokemon and would have taken it over the FFX style combat we are getting, but I am open to giving it a chance and see if it works.

Edit: i do need to use showdown more often to playtest, but now dynamax is back and I gotta focus on other things


Showdown is prettttty great @projectotakux . I highly recommend giving it more of a try :)


Well I use it for EV spreads and Damage calcs so...

Oct 24, 21 at 8:12pm

Sorry I was scrolling by and read "Well I use it to spread my Eevee for extra damage so..."

Oct 25, 21 at 12:08am

Can someone who has x or y help me evolve my Scyther? I've been using Ferrothorn as my steel type during my playthrough but I had a sudden urge to use Scizor for some reason lol


Yup I can!


Friend Code? @beyozenith

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