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Pokemon fans!


What's your most favorable pokemon memory and why?

Cero @cero commented on Pokemon fans!
Jun 20, 20 at 3:46pm

I remember getting my a## beat for playing pokemon

Cause the church said pokemon is the devil

Jun 20, 20 at 3:52pm

Being a gay little nugget and pretending to be pokemon with my friends
Good times.

Jun 22, 20 at 9:36pm

ahhh good old days where the only thing i did was play pokemon under my older brother's bed

Jun 22, 20 at 9:46pm

The first time I beat Brock. It was Pokemon Yellow and that means Brock will kick your ass unless you knew to get a Mankey from Victory Road. I did not. I had a Metapod, Pikachu, two Rattata and Pidgey. Brock wrecked every Pokemon aside from Metapod. So all I could do was use Harden and I thought I was only prolonging the inevitable. Well then I ran out of Harden and Metapod started using Struggle, which I had no idea it could do. A few Struggles later and I beat Brock. I left the battle more confused than happy.


Pokemon Pearl was my very first Pokemon game..
My memories with Pokemon remembered when I was in high school really loved watching the Best wishes Anime series used to watch every episode each Thursdays.
With Pokemon Pearl Piplup was my first starter ever and have a special place in my heart.

Nov 30, 20 at 5:20am

Honestly, my most favorite memory was the day I bred an army of Eevees XD earned myself the nickname “rEeveelutionary” from my friends after. Now my fluffy army can go giant :3


Pokemon Sword kinda disappointing, it was too short

Dec 13, 20 at 6:22pm

Catching my Shiny Umbreon. And defeating Lance in Silver with only my Typhlosion.

Dec 15, 20 at 6:39pm

When I finally defeated the Elite Four and Cynthia in Pokémon Diamond after years of trying.
Anyways, I used to love Pokémon but now I don't all because of Sword and Shield.

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