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25 year old Male
Last online 8 days ago
St. Catharines, Canada
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Hi, whats your favorite jojo part?

Jul 02, 20 at 2:39am

hahaha still interested after reading it?

May 31, 20 at 3:53pm

Well unfortunately female romance options are limited for fem shep, so i usually go with Liara, though Garrus is the only male exception. And well there is Sheogorath, but othar than that i got no real preference


just the character,my name is candy


I do play Assassins Creed! But I don't think I've ever played the Multiplayer! Tbh I dont think I even knew about the multiplayer haha


True! XD but I agree! plus I have hearing issues as well so the dubs also help as well with that!

May 05, 20 at 8:28pm

I know dude! Now I am heading towards 30 and I am seriously dreading it! I wish to be young again xd

May 02, 20 at 11:51pm

Ive done MHA Mina and Toga
I've done black butler and kakeguri

Ren @ren__ left a comment for gardevoir_lovesick
May 02, 20 at 5:10am

Thank you ^-^. That Marshall Lee cosplay suits you well.


hmmm Monster is a thinky anime an anime that u can analyse most of the characters r well written (johan , lunge , grimmer ) n what i like the most about it is how the story unfolds little by little revealing the past till it gets to 'the origin of the monster' (johan)

gardevoir_lovesick @gardevoir_lovesick See I love the sounds of that. Death Note is my favorite anime and one of the many reasons for that is because it's a very "thinky" anime xD So maybe I should give Monster another try