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Pokemon fans!


Just caught a shiny Sneasle.

Feb 20, 21 at 8:25am

When doing a recent emerald Nuzlocke and had no counter for Winnoa Alteria but last minute realized my Azumarill had Rollout and could tank like a boss.
MurderBall is my favorite Winnoa counter.


Leave it to Post Malone to do a music video with freaking Charizard!!!!xD

He's poke malone now yup...singing in a pokemon stadium..jealous...>:(

Mar 19, 21 at 12:37pm



@choicemoonbee but why of all people would they choose someone no one had ever heard of? To be fair the visuals were great and Charmander, Gengar, and Dragonite asserting dominance over him with T-posing is funny


Hatched a perfect IV shiny Rockruff (now a lycanroc) by dumb luck without the shiny charm, making my Like-hate relationship with swsh even weirder

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