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7 Days to Die

Mar 20, 21 at 11:48am

do i have to wait 7 days? :/


Day 12

Mar 21, 21 at 6:28pm

No @a13x_6 Day 17
Each 7th day there is a big wave of zombies that will attack you


Every time


My new favorite zombie <3


One day I'll experience new zambies and stuff. For now I'll have to settle for reinstalling the ps4 version and see how long I can go.


Nice character design, the physics are breath taking


I remember playing this with a friend a year or two ago and raging at the melee system. I returned to it a few months ago and the game seems to have greatly improved. Have you guys seen the future content? The blunderbuss will be replaced by pipe guns, and they are completely redoing the clothing system. The new pipe guns look great. I'm conflicted on the new clothing system however, as I liked the greater cosmetic customization of the previous system a bit more. Hopefully they'll adjust the character customization eventually, at this rate the zombies look better than the player models.


I remember getting so mad at myself with this game. I was playing by myself and on night 63, I said to myself "I can totally clear out this store before the bloodmoon hits" with no regard to the fact I had low supplies and durability on my equipment and was really far from home. Needless to say I was slaughtered.

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