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7 Days to Die

Join via IP Address : port :26900 Password: maiotaku https://discord.gg/FXWr7JRfaP **************************Update 5/4/2021******************************** Update: We have hit a wall with the current game where it's getting meh. Our next Bloodmoon will be day 140. It's no longer challenging so we are now looking at mods to install for a new game for 7D2D. Jesper has added a room "modded" in the Discord to propose and vote on mods for the game. https://discord.gg/FXWr7JRfaP Right now it looks like the primary mod we'll be trying/running is Darkness Falls. http://darknessfallsmod.com/
I check it out like once a year to see how much it has progressed. Never really got into it though, something about it felt off. It's good for messing around with other people, especially the rescue operations when you get stuck in a place surrounded by a horde. One thing that annoyed the hell out of me were those goddam dogs that chased the hell out of you lol. Always came across them early into the game.
lol. We played on the PS4 then bought it for our PCs. They have came a long way with it. I wish for so much more. Lately Markiplier has been playing it with his friends and upping the spawn rate. Like on normal settings first blood moon you only get like 3-4 runners? I'm thinking at least 20 would be a real threat.
Mar 19, 21 at 10:36am
I now made a server availible to play on this game too Come :) Name : 7d2d.prospectbyte Password: maiotaku
Mar 19, 21 at 10:37am
I don't have the game :/
oh wow... I made one already LOL
Mar 19, 21 at 1:29pm
We on Day 3 Boys and Girls
Day 7
I need to get on this game again but I want to get it for PC so I can enjoy newer things
The game is jank AF but fun when you play with others. lol
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