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Animal Crossing

ƈǟɮʀóռ [кαт’ѕ] @grandpa commented on Animal Crossing
ƈǟɮʀóռ [кαт’ѕ] @grandpa
Apr 08, 20 at 9:29am
This account has been suspended.
Apr 08, 20 at 11:31am

Apr 08, 20 at 11:40am

woahwoHh time to build some expensive ass zen bridges tyty

Apr 08, 20 at 12:27pm

Update: While I've gotten good results three times in a row, I have people on FB claiming the results are random, but the max possible amount is 99. (Burying a stack of 33k).

I don't see any of them mentioning the 5th day I've been utilizing, so If someone who uses time travel wants to verify how consistent giving 5 days instead of 4 is, I'd be grateful.


So is there gonna be a forum to play together or do I have to make one

Apr 23, 20 at 2:48pm

any one play animal crosing online Will be fun to play wihlth more people

Apr 23, 20 at 2:52pm

i wish i could play


Mfw no more Nintendo Online.

Not that my town is in the best shape right now. Ah well.

May 14, 20 at 2:43pm

So Turnips are selling for about 452 on my Isle this afternoon. Dodo code is M5R5M



But I only have 10 turnips. My idea is to have them rot by next week and catch my first set of ants.

Maybe another time.

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