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Animal Crossing

So I've gotten around to playing my first ever animal crossing game. New Horizons. Wish I had played this sooner. The game is very therapeutic. Nice, loveable characters who are super nice and supportive. The music is also really great. Calm, relaxing. Overall just a great game to play.
Apr 02, 20 at 4:38am
Animal crossing is good. My very first game was New Leaf you're the Mayor in the town you lived in. New Horizons is different to me then New Leaf because in New Leaf you can only do Public works projects in New Horizons you can make whatever the heck you want in your island which I love about it.
Apr 02, 20 at 7:15am
This is my first animal crossing as well, and while I do enjoy it, the progression is such a grind and time consuming I find myself moving the clock ahead.
Nothin wrong with time skipping ahead. I try not to do it TOO much cause the tarantulas leave afterwards and I wanna grind for as many as possible before they leave. Plus it's hard finding stuff to do while stuff is already being built during the day.
Apr 02, 20 at 1:53pm
I've played like an hour because I've been playing other stuff. I really need to get into it one of these days. XD
This account has been suspended.
Apr 07, 20 at 10:37pm
By the way, all the videos telling you that the maximum you could plant in the glowing spots is 10,000 bells are wrong. I haven't tested with more than 30,000 yet, because that's what it capped out at in the previous entries, but basically you plant 30,000, THEN WAIT AN EXTRA DAY AFTER THE MONEY IS READY TO BE HARVESTED! And then shake the tree to get 90,000 bells. You heard it here first. You're welcome.
Apr 08, 20 at 1:57am
can’t tell if this is true or you just tryna make me lose 30000 bells xD I trust nO oNE
Apr 08, 20 at 9:14am
Then I shall acquire pics.
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