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What is your favorite Final Fantasy?


FFXIV anyone?


I really liked 10 and 10-2, but 13 had the most memorable music and the most memorable for most static story.

Sep 23, 20 at 5:59am

Ugh. It is tough. I will go ahead and say Final Fantasy Tactics (PSX), also known as war of the lions for psp. I still remember buying that game after getting paid for my first job back in high school. I remember being impressed with FF7 then, I saw that game on a shop and decided to buy it.

Such wonderful memories.


@wik, I pulled this back up. i just wish I had someone near me who played it as well. I have the War of the Lions version and I want the Onion Knight set.

Sep 23, 20 at 7:13pm

Ooof. I know. No one plays coop for this game even when it was new on PSP.

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