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What is your favorite Final Fantasy?


Kuja is by far the best villain in the series for being a completely rounded character with motivations that do not start out as world conquest or destruction. He began from the ground up carving a slice of life for himself before being pushed by destiny into an unfavorable outcome.


In terms of Nostalgia - Final Fantasy X
Overall - Final Fantasy VI


V is the best in my opinion.
V had the Gigachadest Gilgamesh in all his glory.


I played through all of them except 12 but my favorites still have to be IV and X. I can sit down and play those games anytime no matter the mood. Music, gameplay and story they're my personal favorites


I liked FFX for that isekai feel.


My top 3 Final Fantasy games would have to be FFVIII, FFVII Remake, and FFXV in that order.
I really liked FFX as well so it would be my 4th favorite.
FFVIII was my very first Final Fantasy game, and I loved the story, characters, and music. It will always have a special place in my heart. <3


FFVI, Hands down!

Final Fantasy Tactics would be a close second, followed by the FFVII Remake.



It's not even out yet shiiiet


@alephy, Let's be honest, it can still be your favorite.

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