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What Kind of Multiplayer do you Enjoy?

Aug 14, 19 at 8:47am

it just depends on the console for me owo
animal crossing and splatoon are great multiplayers
and i like sea of thieves and minecraft uwu

Aug 14, 19 at 9:05am

@milku Do you play MC on a console or PC?


Everyone who plays bedrock is not a comrade of shrek


Im playing diablo2 median xl right now with my bro


co-op pvm
dps get shlay

Aug 14, 19 at 9:25am

Anything that has cooperation yet lacks direct communication, something where it’s limited or there is no way to communicate but you have a common goal, pvp is cool too.

I have an odd boner for games where you can learn to convey thoughts and goals without being direct. Being able to understand what someone wants to accomplish or do ya know. Reminds me of parts of anime where people got that flawless teamwork and pull shit out without much or a word


Couch co-op is always fun, whether you're yelling at eachother to try and get things done quicker such as in Overcooked, or having a more relaxed time just being able to do your own stuff while contributing to one cause.


I like to play FPS games as well as MMORPGs

Aug 14, 19 at 11:06am

Shooters only with friends.
CO-OP of any kind.
MOBAs with friends.
Fighting games with friends on a couch.

Aug 14, 19 at 1:56pm

i reserved the name pinkiepie for my warlock and thundrthighs for my shaman on classic

im hyped

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