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What Kind of Multiplayer do you Enjoy?

Aug 14, 19 at 1:43am

Hey guys, what kind of games do you like to play with friends? Do you even like playing with friends? Just striking a dialogue for now, but interested to see if there's some new friends I could get down and game with.

Right now currently I usually play single player games. Been on a bit of a Metroidvania streak, playing Touhou Luna Nights. Anything with low level entry but high skill reward. But in the competitive scene I've been dabbling with Apex Legends and the gameplay feels good, solid. The microtransaction side aside, it's a fun game. I kind of mess with Overwatch every now and then but I don't have any current friends that play so it's a mixed bag. On the lower-key side there's tons of games I enjoy like Risk of Rain 2, Jackbox, ect.


I enjoy hardcore Multplayer shooters, currently Rising Storm 2 Vietnam.

Aug 14, 19 at 4:41am

Stardew Valley, Don't Starve Together, FFXIV.
Dropped Overwatch and I barely play league of legends anymore.

Aug 14, 19 at 5:16am

Minecraft, Xenoverse 2, SAO: Fatal Bullet, Terraria, Dark Souls 3, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist, and much more... Though I mostly play on Xbox.


I mostly enjoy playing games like Terraria, Stardew valley and Don't Starve, so I enjoy most games like that. I also enjoy MmoRpgs. But I can play all kind of games, even ones that I don't like to play alone, if the person is funny and cool xdddd

[Bruce] Redemption commented on What Kind of Multiplayer do you Enjoy?
[Bruce] Redemption
Aug 14, 19 at 6:25am

Im all about MOBAs . As a diehard Dota fan i also enjoy league of legend and Heroes of the Storm.

Aug 14, 19 at 6:32am

I like playing MMORPG as well as local or online coop games. Online I‘m mainly playing Starbound and Minecraft with friends, as well as hanging out with them in VRChat, Tower Unite and Second Life - where there‘s a bunch of minigame sims. Oh, and let‘s not forget about Golf With Your Friends and Risk of Rain.
Local I‘m usually playing on the Switch. Usually it‘s Smash Bros and Mario Kart, but I also played BoTW in „coop“ (one had the left joycon, the other one the right. Nevertheless, we defeated the tree of evil together.). Like, seriously, split joycons are just the perfect way to mess around!

I was never the PvP person, as I‘m easily stressed out in those situations. So I just stick with some nice coop!

Aug 14, 19 at 6:34am
This account has been suspended.
Aug 14, 19 at 8:34am

Dead by daylight
Apex Legends
Sometimes ow (plat-diamond)
You should add me on steam! Turtwigz

Aug 14, 19 at 8:41am

Fifa, rising storm and GMOD

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