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Swadian left a comment for milkuchan
Aug 19, 19 at 10:18pm


Swadian left a comment for milkuchan
Aug 19, 19 at 11:03am


brooklyndreamz left a comment for milkuchan
Aug 08, 19 at 10:07am

I heard you like kpop and started a chat about it I like it too :3

The pingu meme guy left a comment for milkuchan
Aug 07, 19 at 2:23pm

Hello there. Saw you from the thread on wanting to be famous and just felt like saying hi

Swadian left a comment for milkuchan
Aug 06, 19 at 7:22pm

Sir Vido will have to practice relentlessly until a fine dame reciprocates his feelings!, in the end it's his prerogative of how much he tries and how much pain he can tolerate!

As Bruce Lee said: I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.

Swadian left a comment for milkuchan
Aug 06, 19 at 6:52pm

I wish I knew how to reply to posts like you just did, that way I wouldn't need to make multiple ones!.

I respect your opinion, I can see where you're coming from, there's wisdom on it, one problem I find with Sir Vido's plea though, is that he remarked he doesn't mind being a friend first but then, that women start talking to him about their crushes and men they wish to date, I think that's a very specific problem because they never picture him as dating material, either because there's no hints, no clues, no indications that he sees them as a potential partner so they stick with him as a friend.

Another key point of him taking too long to make a move is how he explains to be called a brother... The times I would get called that on highschool would be when I would be someone's friend for two years or so and we had a nice bond already.

It's a bit mysterious to a certain degree, we would need more details to help him, I don't think either of us is intrinsically wrong, we just have different approaches!

milkuchan yeah, we definitely have different approaches. it seems you have more information into his problem qwq all that it comes to is that clearly it didn't work out, so it's just trial and error. he will meet someone who clicks with him one day!! also i am on pc qwq it's the little light box under the post? i wonder if only i can use it on my profile? o3o
Baka Some girls will talk about that stuff as a way to gauge you or test you, push you. Everything is subjective depending on the person which is why there’s no right answer to dating. I had a girl date everyone but me and give me the “like a brother” line but all she really wanted was for me to make a move. Girls r weird n Boys are stupid
Swadian left a comment for milkuchan
Aug 06, 19 at 6:26pm

It caught my eye your post on Sir Vido's topic, "You gotta be their friend before their lover"

I think it is partially true, however, I think Sir Vido's problem is being their friend before stating that they are interested in being a lover someday... So then, he remains forever a friend.

I guess that's the jump between asking someone out on casual dates and being a semi-stranger Versus actual relationship after the two get to know each other!

Of course, this is just my conjecture

milkuchan there is seriously a difference between a friend and a lover. it's much healthier to get to know someone on a friendly level rather than an intimate one. i don't think what you said is his problem because he states: "But when the conversations makes us closer or its intimate they end up telling me they just want to be my friend. ." meaning he isn't just quietly standing back. the conversation escalates because one or both are showing interest. it's really best to take things slow and safe instead of quick to the punch. i say this as my most successful relationships were with people i knew well before we started dating. my worst were with people i quickly rushed into dating with. but people really do go at their own pace, i've just caught on to my comfortable pace! hopefully i explained myself well and thank you for sharing your opinion!!
starrysteven left a comment for milkuchan
Jun 28, 19 at 10:53pm

Hello let's be friends :)

godspell left a comment for milkuchan
Jun 26, 19 at 11:45pm

hiya liz nice to meet someone from TN

☠BΣΉΣЯIƬ✴ left a comment for milkuchan
Jun 26, 19 at 11:12pm

Thanks for accepting my friend request. Glad to make your acquaintance...