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Playstation news


I refuse to buy the PS5 for at least a year. Maybe when there is a PS5 Pro or something. Most of the games worth playing right now run well enough on the PlayStation 4.

The good news is there will be Persona 5 Strikers this coming March for exclusively the PS4 and Switch. No reason to waste money on a whole new console.

Especially when I only just bought the Switch to play Shin Megami Tensei 5!

Dec 05, 20 at 10:20pm

Ps4 will remain for atleast a couple of years. I see no need to jump on the band wagon, just yet.


Yeah. The only thing the PS5 has going for it is apparently the controller makes for one hell of a vibrator.

Dual Pulsating Action! Ah yeah baby!!! And you can change the level of sensation to suit her's and your own specific gaming pleasures...


Ahem, Duty. Yes, I meant Call of Duty.


I hear not even the controllers are that great. There has been leaks of a ps5 pro already in the making. But im just assuming its the ps5 with minor design changes the current console launch seemed rushed and alot of these consoles are bricking. Call of duty cold war is literally destroying both xbox and ps5

Dec 06, 20 at 1:46pm

Pandus just salty he wasn't able to get dat thicc snowbunny 5


Im glad i didnt, if i paid $500 and it broke on me i would be fucking pissed.



I warned people that the engineering was garbage on the PS5 board.


I heard the hardware with the Xbox is actually better but for some reason the graphics card is being held back for whatever reason in game by something making it look the same as any PS4 or Xbox One game (and this is actually reported by a gaming news network online)



The sdk is kind of goofy right now thanks to the Series S. Basically all games are downgraded to Series S graphics right now until they come up with a fix. On paper Series X should be a good 5% more powerful.

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