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Non-edutainment games that taught you useful things


Stardew valley, points out the struggles we face in society and difficulties of overcoming it. As times changes, one must face the currents or be sweat away.


I how to kick COVY ASS in Halo 2


Tales of Symphonia taught me that, despite all the struggles we may face trying to accept those who are different, despite all the hate and violence in the world, just directed at those who are different, you still have to make the effort to accept those who are different. Even if you can't understand their choices, what it is about them that makes them different, you still need to respect them and accept them. Doesn't mean you have to agree with them.


I have Rythemics rock edition on my 3DS.It taught me how to make my own melodies without trying to round up a band to play all the instruments I can't play.


What I learned about Mario. He looks Mexican that's actually Italian that was designed by a Japanese


As a board game Axis and Allies taught me a lot about geography (albiet circa 1945).
When I was younger Pokemon did help me get a little bit of a vocab boost what with "complex words" like "obtain" and "quick" and stuff like that.


RPGs in general taught me patience and just to keep at what I am working on. Level grinding always yields results, much like the hard work and effort we put into our lives.


Thanks to this game, I was always that kid who was way smarter than the teacher in any social studies class I was in from 3rd grade, onward.

And thanks to this one, I learned a lot about Jungian Psychology. Which actually drastically changed my spiritual and social approach to life to be more accepting of myself and others.


Halo 5 Guardians (I guess 343i really) taught me how to not write a game lmao

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