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Non-edutainment games that taught you useful things


In my life, this game titled Outpost 2: Divided Destiny, without it back when it was new, I wouldn't have understood multitasking nor how music should be listened to during productivity. Therefore, I used both for chores and working in a high school cafeteria.


Thanks to the wonders of games such as Grand Theft Auto 5, I successfully learned that people do not like being shot in the face.


Thanks to Mario Kart, I learned how to craft fresh new insults to yell at my sister on the occasion that she beats me.



That reminds me that racing and driving games taught me the basics of driving. Now entirely, but common parts and physics. I even earned a Physical Science certificate in high school.


If I recall correctly, you can't dodge the shells can you?


@meisterman1985 - Yeah, I'd say it taught me the basics of driving, too. Such as: don't drive off the road lol. Good job on that Physical Science certificate!

@judgmentoftherain - In the one we play on the SNES you can dodge the green shells, but the red ones will follow you.

Sep 21, 18 at 1:04pm

Dark Souls....
now that's one hell of a game; teaches you to approach failures as something painful, but... necessary. Something you can learn from and progress thanks to.
Also, things won't get easier. Life will always find a way to throw another obstacle, but... your success will come not in overcoming them all.
It will come in the process. When you stop and look back, you will notice how far you've come and... it's those moments when you stop to look back at all that you've overcome that really make the day brighter and urge you to keep going. Yeah. Keep going, and never give up. Learn to enjoy the process. Love the grind, and... always keep on your toes, thinking outside the box. Never settle.

Also, League of Legends.
You are only responsible directly for your own actions. Asses your every move, for that's the only variable you control. Zone out the unnecessary stimuli. Be self-critical and strive for perfection.


Also league of legends, teached me how to type /muteall in less than a 1/1000 second :^)

Civ games, teach a bit about history (Gandhi the nnuclear terrorist), and a bit about strategies.

CSGO teached me english a bit, the oral part. Also russian too :^). But comunicating in general and acting as a team, being able to know where are the other players what they are doing.



My mother's side of the family is slightly kin (or related) to Thomas Jefferson and John Brown Gordon and often keeps up with history. I am also exploring the obscure sides of video game history as well.

Put them along with Outpost 2: Divided Destiny developer Sierra and you'll get this:


might not be something i learned from a game, but i used to always watch my neighbour friend play lord of the rings: the battle for middle earth. it learned me how to appreciate and treasure moments. whenever i was on vacation, i missed watching him play lotr:tbfme

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