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Games You're Looking Forward To

@verucassault wasnt the blair witch game similar to this? Dude looking for his dog lost in the woods.
@hell_hound7 Blair Witch looked aight. I think a lot of these are being done in Unreal Engine 5. The first one looked really good but this is probably the 3rd video I have seen mention of Luto, the one with the sheet ghost. Spoooooky. Glad people caught on when Phasmophobia blew up. Bornless also looks interesting. Unholy *looks* good but the game play in that video makes it seem very boring. And I'll always be excited about Silent Hill games. I think having 3 in the works might be overkill. Not to mention Kojima is just D.O.N.E. with Konami. I hope these teams can at least imitate what he did in the early games. It's like a Dave Chappelle situation where Kojima is the creator but Konami has the rights to the game and title because they were the publisher, the backer. Kinda hate supporting Konami because they did him wrong, but Kojima's farewell kiss was Silent Hills P.T.
@a1ephy I saw the Silent Hill remake post in October but was avoiding discussing until I could look more into it. You said they should have started with Silent Hill 1 and I agree, but I also understand why they skipped it. It wasn't a great story, in fact it was cringe. Maybe an okay story in concept but poorly executed. I think it was interesting enough to spawn a second game in the series but the fact that Silent Hill 2 was in no way related to the story from 1, apart from the Order and the alternate dimension being a backdrop speaks volumes. I think the base popularity of Silent Hill is owed to 2 as its the most favorite and popular of the series. Pyramid Head garnered a lot of love and fans but also the story was leaps and bounds better. I think Silent Hill 3, when they jumped back to that story, it was a try at redemption. To build or improve upon the faults of 1. But that's just my opinion. I would love to see them fix 1, but I think it should be a duo release with 3 being a direct pt 2, both worked together or at least consecutively. https://youtu.be/ECLn4rCRSjc Have YOU seen a little girl?
@verucassault There was also Shattered Memories which tried to re-tell Silent Hill 1. I was not a big fan of it, but I did like some aspects of it such as the personality test altering the appearence of the enemies and their behavior. As far as remake of Silent Hill. I heard two games were in the works. One was the remake itself and the second game was supposedly some sort of visual novel. In other words a fancy comic book that used a technicality to call itself a video game.
@dyadka_yar Yeah, right now there's... Silent Hill 2 remake, Silent Hill Townfall, Silent Hill f (I assumed this was based in Japan but I believe is being made by a Taiwanese team). And yes I loved the psychology part to Shattered Memories but I hated the game play style. Lots of running rather than fighting the enemies. Pretty good soundtrack. Loved the cover for "You're Always on My Mind" https://youtu.be/FJtBXW4abRI
@verucassault I agree with the combat mechanics being bad. Enemies in Silent Hill games only give the illusion of you being in control. In reality Silent Hill itself determines your fate. Feeling totally helpless is not exactly a fun experience.
Probably not going to play this but Madison looks amazing. Very Silent Hill. Gab Smolders (jacksepticeye's girlfriend) played it. Popped up on autoplay after some other game vid I had on in the background. Main character's voice acting is very.... meh, but the person they used for the radio and TV recordings is creepy AF. I take it back. If his goal was to sound like a puss, then good job. Not bad.
Only thing that comes to mind is the Bionicle game.
https://youtu.be/551hCMK0Qqo Of course it's PlayStation 5 only.
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