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Magic The Gathering?

Jul 03, 22 at 7:43pm
I just did an art of Chandra and thought it was pretty cool so I will post
I mostly play pauper and explorer these days.
@foo_fighter What's explorer?
Non rotating format in mtg arena similar to pioneer. But since not all cards are in arena yet it's explorer. Quite enjoy my Abzan humans deck. In paper Pioneers supposed to be the cheaper non rotating format alternative to modern.
Jul 20, 22 at 9:58am
The new double masters box set is $342 dollars. Shame on Wizards of the Coast for greedily turning this game into a rich man's sport. The last double masters booster box was 1/3rd of this cost. Good way to kick my MTG habit is to make the cards prohibitly expensive
@foo_fighter Cool!! I'll check it out. The last time we played we were talking about other gametypes we could try.
Just recently started playing casually with some friends. I tried building my first standard deck and i am really loving it but have no clue what I'm doing if I'm honest haha. Its a learning process for sure
https://product-images.tcgplayer.com/fit-in/437x437/248783.jpg The last two times I've played my EDH Zombie deck I have managed to pull this. I don't even care if I win or lose, just putting this on the battlefield and getting the reactions makes it all worth while. https://64.media.tumblr.com/a16cfd8a395cd1acd3a9d9621f76f603/tumblr_nxfmanMLYY1qd4xnro4_250.gif
https://i.pinimg.com/originals/5f/29/3c/5f293c71387aa617e6a8045fc4c38fa2.jpg Man, most of the Liliana proxy art is better than the official stuff.
Damn, this feels dead
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