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Longest time you've spent in a single game?


clever raye lol


I was just piggybacking off Aleuzia's answer tbh. XD It was inspirational! *sheds tear*

Nov 04, 18 at 11:10pm

played diablo 1 and 2 non stop all night/day in one sitting

i didnt explore, more just did the core content so it wasnt too long



>being patient enough to BEAT ACT 3 in diablo 2 within the same 24 hour period

... are you some kind of monk?

Nov 04, 18 at 11:15pm

reaper was so fucking easy i had to go on hardcore for a challenge

diablo 1 was so fucking hard and belial was harder then diablo!! (died on diablo 6 times and died on belial 20!!!! no joke i kept track!!!!!)
such a fun game though, though reaper was pretty shitty



... are we talking about the same games?...

Act 3... the marshlands with the lil tiny hairy blowdart people, the nightmare to navigate and explore unless you were a sorcerer!!

Nov 04, 18 at 11:24pm

It's weird that I played Diablo II so many times but now I don't remember much.

I remember having fun in a necromancer run using only skeletons.


I remember a depressing amount of it, my twin was the necromancer.. he too enjoyed making giant spook armies!! I was paladin, defender of justice, colored armor and healing!!...I was bad at the game. Act Two was my favorite until the Expansion which excluded belial (was that the final boss of 2?). Act Six was awesome! Secret cow level exploration!! Act four was ok. Five was oddly straight forward

Nov 04, 18 at 11:31pm

kek reaper was so long ago

actually rein i may not have finished reaper now that i think about xD

i remember fighting him or atleast i remember the fight, but nothing else on that

also barbarian is the best and only class


I dun remember who reaper is ;3; .. is that the boss for act 3? I only remember the map you fight in.. basement of some old Hercules looking jawn! Barbarian was cool but I always loved the idea of Paladins as a kid!!

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