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Longest time you've spent in a single game?


912 hours on Crusader Kings II

Oct 09, 18 at 11:01pm

20yrs of my life is the longest time I’ve spent in the single game

Oct 11, 18 at 2:56am

smash bros for the wii u. its just so fun also i play it a lot with friends every week

Oct 11, 18 at 4:44am

13 hours straight in Pokemon XD Gale of Darkness, and 14 on Devil May Cry 3


About 300 hours in GTA V

Oct 11, 18 at 9:55am

I don't think anyone can beat my little cousin when it comes to the exact same game. Since around 2 years old he has replayed PS1 spiderman the first level (the only 1 he can beat) every single day for the last who knows how many years. Right when he wakes up too.


Probably over 1,900 hours in Smash Bros Wii U. Keep in mind! I play it every week when friends come over and I was into competitive Smash for awhile.

Besides that, I spent about 1,200 in Black Ops 2 when it came out.

Oct 26, 18 at 2:00pm

I have around 100+ hours into every MH title, with 500+ in world, gen ultimate, 3U / 4U each. It's a problem I'm willing to live with.


I have wasted my life.


I've wasted somewhere around 249,660 hours on this game called "Raye's Life" that's been around since 1990. ^^

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