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Longest time you've spent in a single game?


Not logged, but the 2 games ive put the most time into in my entire life, would have to be the gameboy pokemon games, and maplestory mmo back in highschool.

Apr 16, 18 at 7:58am

Took me a year to beat Persona 4

Didnt want it to end


Crap, I forgot about Minecraft and Pokemon... I clocked about 300 hours on Pokemon Pearl and Minecraft has to be in the order of multiple thousands of hours...

Oct 08, 18 at 7:06pm

Minecraft. Never had so much experiences in a single game again.


Like 1600 hours in Skyrim, modding is a hell of a drug.


100s of hours on multiple mmo's... maybe 30ish on other rouge like games...too much of my life.


About 1000hrs for Warframe. Halo: Reach, probably 3000

Oct 08, 18 at 8:11pm

If you count all the runs I've done together, I've probabyl got close to a thousand hours on Tales of Symphonia.

Oct 09, 18 at 11:27am

Steam says 2123 hrs so far


Not sure how many hours exactly but the number of "oh my gawd it's 5 in the morning?!?" moments when playing Civilisation 2 and Shogun total war was ridiculous back in the day..... just ... one... more... battle... -_- z Z

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