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Longest time you've spent in a single game?

Nov 04, 18 at 11:42pm

reaper of souls, the end boss i think, the dude with the scythes and hood

*one quick google search later*

oh shit its diablo 3

ok never played diablo one, but diablo 2 was fun af

diablo 3 was shitty and too easy


you goof


3618 hours on Warframe


I dunno, I'd say maybe a pokemon game or a Monster Hunter. I have no idea how much time I spent on those but my save with the largest amount would be Monster Hunter Freedom Unite with 900 hours.


Mabinogi. That game encompassed my life for about four years. If I wasn’t at work I was online playing that >.<


No comment

Jan 09, 19 at 5:44pm

Most likely 8k+ hours on Black ops 2 with a group of my friends

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