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Monster Hunter World (ps4)


@samfluff - Hunting Horn is pretty hard get the hang of, by 'get the hang of' I mean buffing and dpsing fluidly.

@sourpeach - I can't blame you for getting a bit jumpy, you'll get used to it eventually if you keep at it. Even veterans start to panic when they stuck between a wall and a giant monster.

sourpeach_DONT_ADD commented on Monster Hunter World (ps4)
Mar 13, 18 at 10:01am

right? i just hate when i'm chasing after some wounded monster, and an even bigger monster comes out of no where to stalk me and i'm running out of stamina and uhhhhh - that's what i mainly panic over lol

Mar 13, 18 at 10:18am

Elder Recess + Azure Rathalos + Poison + Stun + Over Lava = fun time -w-


@sourpeach - try picking up slinger pods (the red shiny drops you get from wailing on a monster) those pods will usually stun monsters and occasionally stop them from zoning (moving zones).

@Charles - Flashbombs are your friend. When taking on flying wyverns, always bring flashbombs and flash bugs.

My personal gear set up is Dragonking's eyepatch + hazak beta set + Partbreaker charm. It has jewel slots to have Partbreaker 3 / Weakness Exploit 3 / Stun Immunity and Poison Immunity. This set up usually lets me wail on Rath with zero problems. I'm all about QoL during hunts > DPS.

PS. I'm online now if you feel like hunting.

Mar 13, 18 at 9:56pm

I try to avoid spamming flash bombs, they feel cheap to use, so I take only 3, and never try to change my loadout mid mission


That's fair enough, and I can respect that. Hunting the old school ways. Honestly forgot how I dealt with Azure Rath in MH4U.

Mar 15, 18 at 4:32pm

Death pickle is coming!!!

Mar 15, 18 at 4:39pm

Mar 15, 18 at 5:31pm

Mar 15, 18 at 5:37pm


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