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Monster Hunter World (ps4)

Mar 16, 18 at 12:53am

@thrilling_stranger yea it takes so much focus @.@ trying so hard to get one buff going, and BAM I'm rollin' i gotta use the heal buff to heal myself and ughhh..pointless.

Mar 16, 18 at 12:55am

but now i got a sweet G Sword and Sword&Shield loadout, ready to help my fellow hunters ;p

Mar 18, 18 at 12:35am

Hey! Just joined this site and exploring what's on it. Current obsession is MHW. I'm on pretty much every day but I'm no where near the levels that some of you are. I've clocked about 50 hours so far I think. PSN - synchrosyx if you'd like to add me.



Mar 22, 18 at 6:16pm

DaTrentster is I.

I suck, but its fun lmao.

Mar 24, 18 at 12:54am

So last week I was hunting 2 tempered Bezelguese, did it twice before so pretty straight forward. then outta no where i got hit by one of the bezel blast seeds, full health.. instant carted. Okayy thats weird..Got grazed by the puff of one seed the second time, and instant carted. I finished it barely, raged and everything about the BS of it all. Then i created and named a squad "One Nut Bezel"..Never forget, that Bezel with the OP nuts.


Yeah tempered Bagel's land mines are OP. Was doing a few tempered Bagel hunts yesterday and was like 'WTF'.
I didn't know how BS they were because I didn't hunt many on the account I lost because I had both gold crowns after 11 Bagel hunts.

Mar 24, 18 at 3:29am

We need to set up a hunting session sometime. Especially with the event quest for gathering Tempered Elders this week, would be fun hunting dem Elder Dragons. Kinda disappointed in the Jho's armor not having a set bonus, still gonna get it anyways haha cx


Would be keen on doing some tempered Elders, need to augment my armours and get my jewels again.
I have a tempered Teostra with 5 drops to do. 2 man hunt though.

Mar 24, 18 at 12:36pm

That sounds good, still gotta hunt Jho for the first time. @Charles_The_Red dang no set bonus...

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