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Monster Hunter World (ps4)

https://i.imgur.com/xv7RWvC.jpg I'm creating a squad on Monster Hunter World (ps4) called the "MO Hunting Guild" for anyone who is looking for people to hunt with. So far we have 8 Members in the squad and there are still a few more people to add. Anyone is welcome to join wether you are a Newbie or a Veteran, just be sure to either: 1. Post your PSN ID on this thread 2. Or DM me your PSN in case you don't feel like posting it publicly Either or I'll be sure to add you as soon as I can and I'll let you know it's me. If you want to as well, feel free to add anyone from here, just be sure to identify who you are on MO to the person your adding (to avoid confusion and other stuff) Be looking foward to hunting with you all :) Monster Hunter is a wonderful series I've been playing for years (Since Freedom on PSP) and I'm happy it's getting the recognition it deserves. https://i.imgur.com/hftoskg.jpg My character as of now :)
My PSN ID is Brimlock626. I use a Kinsect Glaive.
Jan 30, 18 at 3:09pm
I'll add you asap, fixing up ps4 storage space
I won't be on at all tonight, I have raid to attend on WoW.
My PSN is tommychopper25, Just cleared Vaal Hazak so hyped for the fight with Xeno!
My Psn is "Dranixger-" and I just got into high rank, using switch axe. Add me if you want, I don't have anyone I really play with right now so it's kinda boring grinding on my own
Feb 05, 18 at 10:04pm
PSN Is Austin2798, been an avid fan of the series since MH Tri on the Wii.
I accepted your friend request.
My PSN is Otakaiser. I use Gunlance, Dual Blades, and Longsword. Feel free to add me. :v
annnd accepted
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