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Monster Hunter World (ps4)

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Mar 03, 18 at 9:40am

Woot! I wasnt paying attention when i did it.

But i didnt think id make it to 200 plus hours!! XD xD wooooot!


How's it going, my PSN is loonotic101.
Played 360 hours but lost my data in an extremely unfortunate event. (If you don't believe me you can look at my trophies when you add me)

Currently working on building up a new character (up to the Nerg Assigned Quest atm).
Weapon preferences are:
Gunlance = Switch axe > Great Sword > H&L Bowguns > Hammer = Dualblades

Looking forward to hunting with you guys. :D

Mar 06, 18 at 4:10pm

My Psn: PizzaBae_

Main Great Sword, but I wanna try out Hunting Horn, it looks like fun!
I love helping peeps with quests!


those are some high ass levels! (is only a level 4) ;;


Your level actually might be higher than is currently displayed. Your HR is actually capped until you fully complete the story quests.

Mar 08, 18 at 3:16pm

okay...tried out hunting horn, not for me >.< lol on to sword and shield!

Mar 10, 18 at 6:58pm

Added you guys. Lets play!

Mar 10, 18 at 8:46pm

I have to wait for the pc version. Agh...It hurts.


i dunno why i'm to scared to play quests ;3; i usually have my friend team up with me
this game makes me scream every other minute lmfao

Mar 13, 18 at 1:45am

PSN is FerrumFerro
I'm kinda falling off in play time, but still going strong. Normally on around the weekends helping run Elder Drag quests. Feel free to add me, I normally run Lightbow Gun for the healing shots, but I usually switch off to Bow, Dragonslayer (Great Sword), or the Naruto Run.

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