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World of Warcraft Classic

Richaado commented on World of Warcraft Classic
Nov 04, 18 at 6:33am

Yeah the 16 debuff limit at the start puzzles me a bit, since the content up until that point was balanced around 8. This means they either intend to trivialize early raiding content (which is already somewhat trivialized with 1.12 talents), or make a change to balance content around 16, which would mean more changes. I really wish they went into more detail on things at the classic panel, I feel like we didn't learn enough.

Nov 04, 18 at 10:38am

Agreed, that was a horrible panel. Wish I didn't buy the virtual ticket now.

Richaado commented on World of Warcraft Classic
Nov 04, 18 at 10:55am

But but, Diablo for mobile, "don't you all have phones??" Lmao. Yeah I'm massively disappointed this year, at least there's about 7-8 months for them to hopefully fix classic. We just gotta be loud and complain and stuff, who knows.

Nov 04, 18 at 11:16am

Lol, yeah that guy and that game was a major flop from Blizzard. What true Diablo fan would want to play from their phones?

I do have faith in the community, after all the community made WoW Classic possible.

Nov 06, 18 at 5:29am

Shills will (and are) defend(ing) the mobile game. They always do.

Provided they don't screw it up, WoW Classic could put a serious dent in private servers (and draw in old, disinterested players). This is Blizzard though. "You think you want it, but you don't" and all. Not putting it past them to intentionally hamstring it in some way because they're completely tone-deaf (and at worst, resentful) to the desires of their paying customers.

Minor edit: I don't even like WoW, I just play Burning Crusade private servers from time to time.

Nov 06, 18 at 11:24am

this proves my rose tinted glasses point


i can see the fun of starting from 100% scratch, but the quests (which i already knew were hard as balls) was the worst part

unless they allow addons on vanilla, aint gonna play it

Nov 06, 18 at 11:27am

@pumpkin iv played a mobile game that was a rip off of diablo and actually enjoyed it

the controls were way better (cause fuck diablos point and click movements) and it was fun to play

but to release the newest content only on mobile? fuck them, thats bullshit

but iv stopped liking blizz since overwatch
i play wow and onlky diablo when new contents out so the fact that they put everything into overwatch and neglects wow

and to be fair, dont you guys have phones?

edit: why is it guys in red shirts always pawn blizz?

Nov 06, 18 at 11:46am

I think the joy of vanilla was exploring and having fun in the world, the rework of the world was interesting in the one expansion but dying to the dragon got old and having level 80s on 300% flying mounts popping up to Pk is worse then trying to survive stranglethorn questing with rouges around..

Richaado commented on World of Warcraft Classic
Nov 06, 18 at 12:27pm

Well unfortunately the demo for WoW classic wasn't much of a demo, but moreso a status update full of problems. Addons absolutely will be in vanilla, they existed pretty much from the start.There are old things like Questie and map addons with coordinates which make the questing experience much easier if one so desires.They do however plan to use an API that's different both from the old 1.12 client and the modern client, which means we would need to basically update / remake a lot of addons. I'm not 100% sure how I feel about that, but some of the old versions of addons like healbot do make certain aspects of the game pretty easy, I'm a bit indifferent there.

Richaado commented on World of Warcraft Classic
Nov 06, 18 at 12:48pm

Oh man... STVietnam... I can't wait lol. On these vanilla private servers where they're pushing like quadruple the original pop, that zone is crazy.

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