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World of Warcraft Classic

Oct 24, 18 at 7:15pm

i want vanilla wow but minus the bugs and let us fly

Oct 24, 18 at 7:23pm

Flying bad! I can't gank people flying. Cheapshot > hemo > hemo > cold blood > eviscerate > ded.

Oct 24, 18 at 7:28pm

Actually can't decide what I'll officially play, probably either mage, hunter, or rogue.

Oct 24, 18 at 7:30pm

thats why i dont play on pvp relms >W>

all classes are good and have fun utility, personally i like mage

Oct 24, 18 at 7:35pm

I use to be a huge weeb and play a warrior on pvp private servers, I had all my abilities put into one key and my character would pop speed trinkets and scream “BAN-KAI!!!”. For a few seconds I was a red critting 1000 degree knife...

Good times

Oct 24, 18 at 7:36pm

Mages are pretty god like as frost in vanilla, being able to cold snap to reset all those cooldowns... so two iceblocks to get out of bad crap, OP lol. I remember I used to occasionally do this PoM Pyro build on my mage back then, basically popped PoM for instant cast, arcane power, throw a big ol' pyroblast for crazy instant damage.

Hunters are basically like gods of utility in vanilla, a good hunter can destroy a lot of classes in pvp. Definitely one of the highest skillcaps in vanilla though, despite the "huntard" reputation due to easy leveling, among other things.

Rogues... are just awesome at pissing people off in vanilla. Crazy control, and CB evis builds are insanely strong.

I'm entirely thinking of pvp here though xD

Oct 24, 18 at 7:38pm

I think an honorable mention for pvp is shadow priests... you can really ruin people's day with mind control lmao.

Nov 02, 18 at 9:38pm

Noticing a lot of bad things about the WoW classic demo... Things like resource regeneration being wrong, among other things. Really hoping it's things they intend to still clean up before the launch next summer. My biggest concern, as is with many in the classic community, is sharding. If sharding makes it into Classic WoW, this whole project will be dead to me. Part of the classic experience is dealing with a bunch of other players in your area, grouping and/or fighting over mobs. Take that away and it kills that hardcore feel of classic, all the while isolating players from one another. We need things like the Devilsaur Mafia to spice up the community. We need guilds to be fighting over world bosses. We need large scale world pvp battles.. Make Azeroth great again.

In any case, trying to stay calm until the WoW classic panel.

Nov 03, 18 at 4:35pm

Loot trading in WoW Classic confirmed... this is going to make being in a trustworthy guild even more important. Confused on that decision.

Nov 04, 18 at 2:10am

As someone whom has played since the beginning, and still frequents private servers; I'm rather disappointed at some of the changes they're making with WoW Classic. The debuff slot being 16 right off the bat ,and Loot Trading. Loot trading defeats the purpose of having someone have Master Loot. Forming close bonds with your guild mates. The demo itself sort of confused me a little. Seems like an overall lack of effort thus far, a large corporation like that being less polished than some 5 man private server teams during there testing phases. And like you said Richaad, sharding better not be a thing.

Overall Blizz-Con this year has been disappointing for me. A new Diablo for mobile? No sir. A reskinned Warcraft 3? Why not just make Warcraft 4, or is there really that much of a lack for original ideas these days. The Devs still seem to have a disconnect with the fans. I'd like to believe Blizzard will pull through here, but I just don't know. I hope they do.

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