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World of Warcraft Classic

id like to play with the questing addon and my bartender addon rich, you playin bfa?
They'll allow addons in classic. They allowed addons on retail vanilla too. They help out a lot, how ever the difficulty is still there.
Nov 06, 18 at 4:38pm
Bartender will definitely be a thing haha. Nah, I haven't even tried it yet. If I did I'd probably just pvp maybe... I'm too hyped for classic now. Yeah pretty much, addons or not, you still have to know what you're doing. In light of 16 debuffs at the start... I gotta be honest I'm tempted to roll a priest to try to get into a raiding guild as shadow, since they'd actually be taken. I hate healing but melting faces is fun. c:<
I've usually main'd SPriests and Warlocks. SPriests could dish near top dps on some meters. I'm leaning towards running a human warlock. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRS8dRDW7wg&t
Nov 10, 18 at 7:53am
Nov 10, 18 at 7:54am
Man rank 13... I actually grinded that on my mage back in the day, no way I was ever gonna push 14. Never again lol, getting all my gear from PVE.
Nov 10, 18 at 4:50pm
And then everybody who plays vanilla is going to get bored because “been there done that this is getting stale” then they’re going to beg for new conent. Although i do miss the old ranking system and purchasable gear. Vanilla is just going to be a cool nostalgia bonus we are getting
Nov 10, 18 at 5:24pm
I think we'll see a huge hype train, followed by a big drop in players after the first weeks / months, but there will always be that core group of people who want to play the old game. Private servers have been providing a blizzard like vanilla experience for years, and people always play on them. Whether or not it produces the numbers people think it might I think is irrelevant, because it's just downright cool they're bringing back a piece of history that made the game what it is today. If people get bored and want new content, they can go play the current game. If they hate the current game and get bored, well maybe it's time to just move on. I really hope though, if this turns into a big success for a significant amount of time, Blizzard looks at what made some of these older games so enjoyable, and apply some of those fundamentals to new games. A lot has changed in WoW, and it honestly just doesn't feel like the same game anymore.
Nov 10, 18 at 5:53pm
If they keep pre nerf AV, and maybe add some more BG's like Alterac Valley, that'll keep me occupied for days on end. I've been playing on private servers for 7 1/2 years now. Vanilla, TBC, and Wrath. I enjoy all 3, I do get burned out sometimes, but I always come back, just because I haven't found another game that can scratch my itch like that. The community is the biggest thing that drives me. I've made a lot of friends I still talk to today, just from being involved and playing the game with each other. I do find PVP in general to be superior on the older iterations of the game, especially now, a lot of good players who've spent years theory crafting and evolving themselves. My biggest hope is that Classic WoW would spark a new game, a new original something that culminates all these core values we cherish; while having the foresight to progress the game correctly, keeping it real.
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