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Video Game Music [Post your favorite]


After playing through the OG FF7 from being inspired to just check it out from the FF7 remake. I gotta say this song is really underrated, I guess because it plays right before when One Winged Angel plays so it just got overshadowed in everyone's memory. :u

永遠のルナ一 @eternallunar1 commented on Video Game Music [Post your favorite]
永遠のルナ一 @eternallunar1
Jun 22, 20 at 7:57pm

Fire Emblem Sacred Stones had a really good soundtrack and it wasn't composed by Yuka Tsujiyoko. I find this track particularly interesting. There's a lot of rise and falls in this piece and it gives off an oppressive feel while still remaining optimistic. The title's pretty accurate Truth, despair, and hope.

The Shadows are approaching is another really good piece of music. It plays on the Fog of War maps and it definitely gives the eerie feel whenever you play those maps.

Jun 22, 20 at 11:03pm

One of the reasons why my childhood was awesome!


Played through this and beat it for the first time after several attempts many years ago - I HATE the Valley of Defilement because it's a boring area but getting to this fight with this music and the story behind it made it a pretty amazing and special moment. Garl Vinland was an interesting fight too


I love Blazblue Cross Tag Battle <3

Guilty Gear series <3

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