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What game are you currently playing?

@cur_lypav I think he was talking about the first one where you were 1v1ing yourself
@cur_lypav def wanted to know bout the other one but that sounded funny also atleast for a chill mobile game XDDDD
@criselington yeah ik I was explaining my army of Slavs first. Take over the world with Slavs, then colonize the moon as a part of Russia
@gdmh39 first one is Warspear online. 2d mmo game. Also the EU server community is worse than League of Legends community LOL
@cur_lypav a yes toxic community my kinda of community UwU XDDDD
I wanna play let it die again but i dont wanna pay for death passes TwT or buy more death metals. But i miss running the tengoku floors and fighting overpowered fighters with guns
I don't understand how Project Zomboid got so popular in the last year. It's still on the top sellers list on Steam. Arc bought it for me before I even moved in with him, so 2015? Geez
YouTube or Twitch people I'm assuming
Lately nothing currently but I should again..Only been playing Genshin lately.
Been Playing Destiny 2 and DMC 5 most of the time, played Tiny Tina’s a bit but it just got boring with no New Game+ or anything.
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