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What game are you currently playing?


Yakuza like a dragon was a good game, annoyingly hard at times but good.


Yeah but, weirdly, the game keeps mentioning dragon quest and i actually just finished dragon quest a week ago before I started to play this one. So heh the mentions are so weird. I didn't know this game was gonna mention another game within this game the entire time. Lol wtf... But oh well it's good so far..fuck it this is dragon quest: yakuza let's go.

Sep 07, 21 at 6:01pm

a screenshot I took while playing valheim with @verucassault @jesper0 the other day


Demon of Hatred is one of those bosses I’m never certain I can beat first try even after 10+ playthroughs.


ARK: survival evovled, anyone wanna play on steam?


I just finished Pokemon Snap On This switch, my girlfriend is playing Animal Crossing New Horizons and I'm about to start drakengard 3


Well i was playing shadow of the colossus but after attempting the same jump for the 3rd colossus like 6 times i uninstalled it. I dont know if its my controller or what but this game is literally unplayable for me.

Now im downloading metro exodus


Here we go boys, attempting metro exodus plat trophy on highest difficulty.


Decided to do the dlc for Spider-Man ps4
the game has crashed and softlocked on me about 5 times already. Nice.

edit: let me clarify I already 100% complete this game and enjoy it a lot. But this is unacceptable.
Anyone know if the PS5 remaster isn't as buggy with the dlc?

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