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What game are you currently playing?


My Gengar shall wipe away the competition


I call him gengen cuz he’s cute


@jc21095 I nicknamed My Gengar Jigsaw


Nicknames on my team

Thundurus-T -> No Nickname
Tornadus-I -> No Nickname
Incineroar (male) -> Endeavor
Milotic (male) -> Kaito
Clefable (Female) -> Cheria (after Cheria Barnes from Tales Of Graces)
Metagross -> Bruticus


@projectotakux why would you give such a cute creature such a scary name
(by the way its weird that i never got a notification from this)


Because when he hatched from his egg as a Gastly, not only did he have perfect IVs in his stats, he had the sinister grin of a serial killer. So I nicknamed him after the Saw villian


Starting my 3rd run of Tokimeki Memorial. It is a fun past-time.


Had to drop Nier Replicant during the C route and just watched the C, D, and E endings on youtube. Replaying the exact same areas and bosses for the 5478203847th time just sucked all the care out of me.

Thank god for Kaine...

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