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What game are you currently playing?


Playing through AC 3 remastered... the nostalgia


Yakuza like a dragon, man is this game unforgiving and grindy. I need money to upgrade weapons to beat tougher enemies, but cant make money without beating tougher enemies. Just fought a boss i thought i was totally prepared for. I was about as prepared as someone blindfolded walking across the highway


Have you gotten to the management mini game yet? You can make lots of money with that once you get further into it and get good properties. As soon as I got access to the it I grinded it out and now I have plenty of money. @hell_hound7


I've not finished my first run just yet but I am absolutely adoring my time with it <3


Just beat Crash Bandicoot 2 100% as I am typing this (The original Ps1 Version, I don't have the N. Sane Trilogy or 4).

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