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What game are you currently playing?


started playing TFT this week, I've never played any ranked games in multiplayer before this so it was a new thing to me but i just hit Gold tonight :3


Admittedly, a lot of Among Us. It's really fun with friends.


Phasmophobia at night, redownloaded Town of Salem and played some yesterday.

Giving myself some time this morning to play Vampyr.


Apex just reached platinum IV. Now I'm in the sweat lobbies.


I'm trying ;-; It's hard.


Anybody like DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi 3 with mods or like Phantasy Star Online, Monster Hunter Tri or Dead or Alive 3? I have a ton more games I play >.> just ask


Putting off Vampyr for so long really worked in my favor. It takes place In London during 1918, while the Spanish Flu is running rampant. There are posters scattered around the city talking about quarantine, the importance of masks, I even found a poster that gave instructions on how to make masks at home.

Aside from setting and atmosphere, the game mechanics are more advanced than I expected. You start as a newborn vampire and as you advance through the story and level up, you can evolve the protagonist by giving him active traits like claws to use in hand combat, blood spears or mist as aerial attacks. If you choose to play more passively you can allocate your xp to gaining more blood from bites or raising stamina. I think there is also an ability that makes you invisible if you are being hunted.

Vampire: the Masquerade and Bloodrayne are my only basis of comparison, though dated, this game makes them appear to have missed the mark.

With a new Vampire the Masquerade due to come out soon, I hope they took notes.


Mask Notice in Vampyr


A crazy kill I got in gunfight, I'd be uber pissed. Granada to DA foot

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