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add more dating features like:

*Hot or Not - picture rating *Blind date - (IM)Chat with a person and through chatting unlock their picture *Battle Dates - 1 male or female gets matched with two suitors, who both need to try to get the attention of that male or female (who's picture they cannot see yet but he/she can) for a blind date *the ability to message someone who's not in your friendslist *Daily recommendations *Better profiles / profiling *Age filters on matching *Mini Games
mini games might be over doing it, but everything else is awesome.
how do you come up with these idea?
must... be.... a wizard o.0
"blazingbow1 how do you come up with these idea?" I dunno, I saw a suggestions part on the site n I thought, well what would make it more fun, and wrote down the things I could come up with in the first 5 minutes ? "meh must... be.... a wizard o.0" close, I'm 3D artist (student)
The Hot or Not thing seems kind of mean but a profile rating would be nice and you can get notified about who rated you. Another thing that would be cool is a section that you pick out what kind of person you're interested in meeting.
I think the way is lay out is great I mean you get to know people and their interests and if you click you chat for sometime and if both are in sync it'll eventually turn out good or bad but I like this layout since its not pushing the dating on you it's more like a forum to express oneself and communicate but that's just me
Interesting. Not a fan of most ideas but there might be a workable nugget here.
dunno i dont want this place to turn into tinder where people get meaningless validation
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