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Official Bugs and Suggestions Thread 4

Here you can thank me later, but I perfected my secret spacing technique no jutsu. https://i.ani.me/0338/5316/screenshot_20220912-185321-651_2.png If anyone can design a better version feel free. https://i.ani.me/0338/5316/screenshot_20220912-185321-651_2.png So I ain't just spamming! https://i.ani.me/0338/5316/screenshot_20220912-185321-651_2.png Doing the work paid professionals won't. https://i.ani.me/0338/5316/screenshot_20220912-185321-651_2.png Ya feeling me? @daggerfella @verucassault @a1ephy https://www.somagnews.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/jujutsu_kaisen_timeline_is_the_ultimate_guide_to_the_culling_game_.jpg
we jannys dont get paid @gabriel_true https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/997244140444209252/1020170292598939688/img_1_1661920091135.jpg
That previous bug I was talking about where I can't add or change the value of an anime from someone else's wall, that happens on chromium. And I tested it out on raspian OS using the latest version of chromium, that glitch still exists https://i.imgur.com/qfTIwQU_d.jpeg Additionally on Brave browser which is a browser I use on android, it doesn't let me upload pictures. It just sits there very long doing that circling thing. It works with messages but it takes a while and sometimes I have to reupload them but on the forums I haven't been able to post photos from my cell phone
I noticed some of the icons on the bar are missing. Sometimes it is completely missing.
I'd really like the ability to embed youtube shorts instead of it just showing as a hyperlink
seems the issue with my phone is fixed. thanks sephy
Aside from not being able to paragraph space, users still aren't given a notice of an initial wall post, only notifications when a comment is made on a wall post.
I need to relearn how to put gifs in a bio and post gifs in general forums
Just copy the link for a gif on the internet and post it. https://media.tenor.com/x8v1oNUOmg4AAAAM/rickroll-roll .gif (without the space) https://media.tenor.com/x8v1oNUOmg4AAAAM/rickroll-roll.gif
It has a very, very low success rate if I try it that way. Like winning the lottery
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