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Official Bugs and Suggestions Thread 4

We have continued to come a long way. * Many speed an interface improvements across the site. * Fixed position of ads when trying to message and post on mobile. * Continued optimization of matching features. * New award system in progress for rewarding posts you like. More to come and still more to do. Drop your feedback and suggestions below. The more realistic the more likely they will be implemented. Bugs will get priority if you see any.
I've been yeeted XD. I couldn't access my profile on my PC so I switched to my phone and still couldn't access it. I thought it wae just acting weird for me until my fiend asked me if I had blocked him cuz he couldn't access my profile. https://i.ani.me/0290/0493/screenshot_20210108-212116.png
How can you post then amir?
I can post but I can't access my profile. Dunno why.
ROFL, you ain't the only one. Click on mine. You dead in the water son. You ain't the first sucka. You gotta make a new account now, Lol RIP
Ah! We've both been banished to the Nether realm.
Lmao wtf.
Have mercy........
Sorry about the error, it was related to the new sharing feature. I've fixed this now for you all thank you.
Clicks "Message" button, goes to different texting interface and returns to receiver's profile in a few seconds. Mobile mode.
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